Kubernetes at home - Part 11: Trying Harvester and Rancher on the bare metal server

Today, I installed Harvester, “a modern Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution built for bare metal servers”, onto my home server.

I then enabled Rancher in the configuration and I’ve got a Kubernetes system just about ready to go.

The concept and hope that I have here is that I will easily be able to run multiple VMs within Harvester and make building up, tearing down, backing up, and restoring Kubernetes clusters super fast and easy.

A couple screenshots of Harvester

Install screen getting started

Harvester being setup

Login screen

Login screen

Harvester v0.2.0 Dashboard with some resources

Harvester v0.2.0 Dashboard with some resources

A couple screenshots of Rancher

Rancher Cluster Manager. There’s two here because I setup a VM with K3OS and then joined that instance to this.

Rancher Cluster Manager

Exploring the local cluster

Rancher Cluster Explorer