Connecting Visual Studio Team Services to Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory makes it easy to add a custom domain. So I have several here. It’s as simple as adding a single record to DNS.

Custom Domains

With these custom domains, I have several users under one of these domains.

Custom Domains

VSTS setup

I have a VSTS project that I want to hook up to this custom domain’s logins.

VSTS Project

Note that I’m logged into VSTS and Azure with the same account which has owner permissions on both.

Looking under “All Resources” I can find Team Services.

Team Services Search

I’m setting up KnoxTechTrend, so I’ll pick that from the top of the list.

Azure Team Services

At the very top, select “Connect” and Team Services will hook up to Azure

Azure VSTS

Go back to VSTS and add the members.

VSTS Members

The users on the custom domain in your Azure Active Directory can now log into VSTS.


Azure Active Directory makes a lot of things simple and easy to use. For a more comprehensive set of steps that takes more possibilities into account, see the Azure documentation.